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Almost 20 but life just got better~ - saint_sake [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Almost 20 but life just got better~ [May. 6th, 2006|08:34 pm]
Today i realized something kinda amazing. I have never ever felt this good in my life. Well nothing really amazing has happened lately, bad stuff has happened. I lost my contacts today somehow, and i have to use my spares (they hurt a bit XD). I've been studying for finals this whole week and i probably will be doing so for next week as well. I've been really busy with school stuff and learning how to write a script and novel appropiately. But akin to all this normality. I feel really really good.

In a strange way i have to thank someone who probably won't read this but just in case, thank you Page. Thank your for helping me deal with the guilt and pain i've been going through. One of the most crippling things that i succumb to is if and whenever i hurt any of my friends. I do mean to, i just do stupid things all the time. Guilt crippled me, stuff that's piled up for years now. But Page, thank you, thank you thank you for setting me free from that. I.. i... realize now that you can live life with guilt but it doesn't have to cripple your mind. Guilt is supposed to keep one responsible not keep one under a rock. Thank you.

Well life ain't perfect, hell if it ever was i know something would be really wrong. But i feel really good again even though things arn't easy. Well that's ok too, becuase i'm going to try and get through things anyway. Plus i have alot of really amazing friends now. They're not perfect either, some of them are sad all the time, some of them are total jack asses, most of them are just normal hard working lazy people liek me XD. But hell they're still my friends su and i wouldnt' have it any other way. Thanks guys, you all rock alot and i'm sorry i've been kinda out of it the last few weeks. I'm, really thankful for all of you. And i'm so freak'n glad i've meet you all~

[User Picture]From: togiretamelody
2006-05-07 04:27 am (UTC)
Tru dat :D yay for Vlad~ ♥
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From: sekmet667
2006-05-07 05:25 am (UTC)
im glad your doing better! *glmps the otter*
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